Decor Wall Art 2016

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Decor Wall Art – This collection of four home styles, thought up in the mind of Sergey Baskakov, features a collection of trendy and considered strategies but with beautiful pleasant touches. It’s all quite possibly developing a room to look advanced and fashion forward, but general home life needs have to be recognized.

This first space explores an open planning lounge through to kitchen area, where we could see the main feature of the item is an entire wall repainted in blackboard paint. Not only is this wall treatment a great location to dream up your own original wacky wall art that could transform on a impulse, but it develops a sensible surface on which to scribble notes and reminders. Here, a great illumination scheme beams functionality on this home, with generously sized necklace shades casting illumination in all the right places.

Abnormally, versus the jet black paintwork, a utility pipe has been picked in white paint- making it stick out instead of blend into the history. This small detail really offers the room added rate of interest, showing up practically as a boundary or a calculated red stripe that defines the path to the food preparation area from the entrance.

Heaps of publications in the room do not need to look messy if the remainder of the room is kept easy. In this instance, the major area of rate of interest is the fun owl wallpaper. The simplified monochrome vision gets a blast of warmth from a cherry red Smeg refrigerator, and revealed shelving holds jars of dry foods that are both quick to hand and vivid additions.

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